GUNPLA EXPO X GBWC 2015 – Singapore

GBWC SG 2015 is finally here, in-conjunction with Gunpla Expo.
Venue: Nex Shopping Centre, From 28 Oct to 8 Nov 2015

I went there to place my winning entry from previous year GBWC 2014 for display and also managed to take pics.

Here comes the photos…..


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GBWC 2014 Final

First of all, I would like to congratulate the winners for Open World Champion (Malaysia) and Junior World Champion (Korea).


It was a very memorable event for me in this year 2014. Having able to participate GBWC 2014 Final at Tokyo, Japan and most of all, met so many like-minded modelers from all over the world. The experience is priceless and only if we have more days to mingle with each others, it will be perfect 🙂

These are some of the photos that I have taken during the trip:

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Gundam Converge EX 03 Deepstriker

I have been looking at the pictures online of this Gundam Converge Deepstriker. The more I look at it the more my heart tells me to “GO GET IT”. One fine day I couldn’t take it anymore and went ahead to get it for my collection.

If you haven’t notice, my website is but where the heck is Deepstriker model? I have been waiting for Bandai to come up with either the HGUC or 1/550 HG mechanics version and up till this date, no news whatsoever. I am hoping it might get released under the new RE 1/100 series, who knows 🙂

So while waiting, I intend to get this EX 03 and maybe do some touchup/panel lining to make it presentable.
Here are some pictures of the item and I am very impressed with its details and quite worth it albeit the hefty price tag.

Details are sharp and I like that it comes with a stand (so i don’t have to source for one). It can be displayed as Deepstriker mode as well as EX-S mode with items that can be arranged nicely on the stand. I chose the Deepstriker mode as this was what I was going for when I made this purchase. Perhaps Bandai wanted us to get two so we can display them in the two modes? Haha sure it’s tempting….


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SG GBWC 2014 Entry

2014 is a lucky year for me 🙂
Hopefully it continues towards the end!
Thanks to all of my friends whom have been really supportive of my works and the well-wishers.
Wish me luck in Japan!


Mini Review – LM Jenice & Daughtress

I guess many people like my review on the LM Leo and Taurus.
Therefore I want to show my appreciation by reviewing LM Jenice and Daughtress!

These 2 are in Gundam X TV series and they are grunt units as well. Something I like about the Jenice is that it resembles Zaku in some way, but bulkier. Again, these are LM models and the runners are in one color and with limited pose.

Here they are:








These two have more parts than LM Leo and Taurus. Daughtress can be built in either one of the two modes. Both of them come with 2 weapons and Daughtress comes with a shield. Certainly enough to make them look presentable (due to limited pose, they do need more arsenals to beef up their looks!).

I still have the other two remaining LMs to review, so stay tuned!