MSN-04 Sazabi [Stutzer] completed pics

Just got back my entry and took some pictures of the completed kit.
Link here: Sazabi Stutzer


MSN-04 Sazabi [Stutzer] Progress Pics

It is the time of the year where we have our local competition before the year end BAKUC. The theme for this mid-year is MG series. So I thought to myself, so many MGs to choose..scratching my head. Then I realised that I have partially built a MG Sazabi many years back. During that time, I came across the Gundam Weapons Char’s Counterattack and there is a beautifully modded Land Battle use Sazabi by a famous Japanese modeler known as Motoo OSUMI. So i intend to complete what I left behind. For this build, I have thrown in some Motoo OSUMI elements plus some ideas from the AOZ series of Zeon mobile suits of Stutzer units (Dom, Gelgoog, Zaku II, Rick Dias).

I always wanted to build the Dom Stutzer but distracted by many things. Therefore, i incorporated the “Stutzer” concept into Sazabi [Stutzer]. One stone kill two birds haha…I can finish the Sazabi and have a Stutzer unit. A hangar maintenance base has been constructed and this time round, I choose an “open” air concept where there will be no hangar walls to block the mecha’s view.

Currently I only have the WIP pics as this build has been sent for the competition for display at Takashimaya basement toy fair. I will update the gallery once The competition is over. So bear with the pics for now.

The gun was a mixture of left overs from previous projects. Made the ammo belt from rectangle tubing.

Scratch-built the 2 missile pods with pla-plates. The missile is taken from PG Zaku energy cable pipes (20 of them!)

The two arms for the Stutzer were from MG Gelgoog.

The shield is from a very old 1/100 Gyan kit. All the other Stutzer elements were scratchbuilt with pla-plates plus Kotobukiya accessories.