SG BMKWC 2010 Entry: Project Z

Took some photos of my entry while having rest at home during the holidays.
Here’s the link: Project Z


Project Z : wip updates

It has been a long time since I have updated this site. Due to change of new job as well as tremendous workload, I have managed to squeeze out my entry for SG BMKWC 2010 i.e. Project Z. Though I have not really taken the full picture of my entry, I have some wip shots that I want to share. I got to admit that PG Zeta is very difficult to work with and is very flimsy. It is an old kit unlike current PG releases which has many gimmicks and good posability. The below partial wips shown are 80% done at that point of time. I will take more pics of my entry when I get it back next week. Meanwhile if you want to know more about our SG BMKWC 2010 competition, you can click on this Plamo forum link.

The mega cannon was made up of 1/144 Hyaku Shiki mega launcher + Rick Dom’s beam bazooka + other detailings (barrel extension, tanks, handle, cartridge etc)

Stay tune..will be back with more pics next week…hopefully not too busy.. 🙂