VP Model: SD Psycho Gundam Parts

Okay, yesterday night I received the package and thought I post some pictures of the content inside.
As you can see from the pictures below, the VP packaging is very professional. A shiny silver paper box.
After opening up the box, another silver color bag that contains all the parts.
Inside, the resin parts are plastic wrapped nicely according to sections.
The parts are crisp in details. This is the 1st VP model kit that I have purchased and certainly will not be the last.
I am itching to work on this guy 🙂
All in all very professionally done packaging coupled with detailed manual instructions, decal, lightup gimmicks.
It somehow has the look and feel of a premium item 🙂 Two thumbs up!







VP Model: SD Psycho Gundam Arrived

Once in a while when I came across a model that I like very much be it plastic kit or full resin, I will straight away hit the buy button lol.
Well, you can say this is an impulse buy. Sometimes when you think too much, you lose the time to own the kit and probably miss the chance as well to build it.

Part of the reason why this purchase is because Psycho Gundam is one of my favourite mecha. Truth is I like obscure and weird looking design that looks bad-ass, at least to me.
I am definitely building this kit and adding it to my collection. If that happens, I will post work in progress shots provided I am not lazy enough 🙂



I can’t resist getting this SRW OG2 when I saw it while passing by a game shop. Being a fanboy of SRW games from the early days of Super Famicom to PS2, I gotta say I wouldn’t want to miss this. In fact this is the 1st SRW game out for PS3 so its another reason 🙂 for me to own it. Played for quite a while, I must say I am very impressed with the game and the stunning graphics. In addition, I went to find SRW model kits in our local hobby store and I was lucky to score myself a 1/144 Kotobukiya Alteisen (progressive ver.) The price is very steep though for it being a rare kit now. Let’s see how it goes. I might start building the Alteisen after I have completed the game 🙂