Mini Review – LM Jenice & Daughtress

I guess many people like my review on the LM Leo and Taurus.
Therefore I want to show my appreciation by reviewing LM Jenice and Daughtress!

These 2 are in Gundam X TV series and they are grunt units as well. Something I like about the Jenice is that it resembles Zaku in some way, but bulkier. Again, these are LM models and the runners are in one color and with limited pose.

Here they are:








These two have more parts than LM Leo and Taurus. Daughtress can be built in either one of the two modes. Both of them come with 2 weapons and Daughtress comes with a shield. Certainly enough to make them look presentable (due to limited pose, they do need more arsenals to beef up their looks!).

I still have the other two remaining LMs to review, so stay tuned!



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