Gundam Converge EX 03 Deepstriker

I have been looking at the pictures online of this Gundam Converge Deepstriker. The more I look at it the more my heart tells me to “GO GET IT”. One fine day I couldn’t take it anymore and went ahead to get it for my collection.

If you haven’t notice, my website is but where the heck is Deepstriker model? I have been waiting for Bandai to come up with either the HGUC or 1/550 HG mechanics version and up till this date, no news whatsoever. I am hoping it might get released under the new RE 1/100 series, who knows 🙂

So while waiting, I intend to get this EX 03 and maybe do some touchup/panel lining to make it presentable.
Here are some pictures of the item and I am very impressed with its details and quite worth it albeit the hefty price tag.

Details are sharp and I like that it comes with a stand (so i don’t have to source for one). It can be displayed as Deepstriker mode as well as EX-S mode with items that can be arranged nicely on the stand. I chose the Deepstriker mode as this was what I was going for when I made this purchase. Perhaps Bandai wanted us to get two so we can display them in the two modes? Haha sure it’s tempting….













In conclusion, I would say that even without panel lining, it still looks presentable IMHO.
With touchup, it will certainly be a display piece in your cabinet.
I also like the fact that it has the wordings “MSA-0011 E.F.S.F” etched on the main cannon. Certainly adds some form of uniqueness to it.

I am glad that I got it and let’s see what surprises Bandai can bring us in the near future for the Converge line.


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