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GBWC 2014 Final

First of all, I would like to congratulate the winners for Open World Champion (Malaysia) and Junior World Champion (Korea).


It was a very memorable event for me in this year 2014. Having able to participate GBWC 2014 Final at Tokyo, Japan and most of all, met so many like-minded modelers from all over the world. The experience is priceless and only if we have more days to mingle with each others, it will be perfect 🙂

These are some of the photos that I have taken during the trip:

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SG GBWC 2014 Entry

2014 is a lucky year for me 🙂
Hopefully it continues towards the end!
Thanks to all of my friends whom have been really supportive of my works and the well-wishers.
Wish me luck in Japan!


SG GBWC 2013 results and afterthought

SG GBWC has come to an end.
Results are:




Congrats to all winners as well.

Time for some reflection 🙂
This time round, I wanted my entry to be a diorama. This is because many times, my friends commented that most of my entries are too “stiff” or rather they are not posed in a dynamic way etc. You can’t satisfy everyone right? But they do have a point 🙂 I can’t blame them though haha as I think I have always stick to my usual way of presenting my entries either in a stand up position or inside a hangar (which is still standing pose haha).

Thus the idea of getting out of my comfort zone and try something new for a change. So I began toying ideas and I started the Whitebase diorama constructions. At first I was going to use MG Zaku and MG Gundam, but the Whitebase structure will be more than the contest stated dimension. Not giving up the idea, I settled for 1/144 based diorama and went for it.

Actually this build helps me to finish off many of my snapped built kits that were sitting on the shelves for many years e.g. Gun Cannon (imagine this is the 1st HGUC kit!), Guntank and RGM 79. I also added the RB-79 Ball to complete all EFSF mobile suits appearing in 0079.

For Zeon MS, obviously it is Char’s Zaku and Zeong, and a Tri-Star MS Zaku I. The title being “Char’s Dream: Attack on Whitebase” that Char is picturing his victory attack on Whitebase.

Overall, it was my first using 1/144 kits for GBWC and getting out of my comfort zone doing a diorama involving dynamic poses. I learned a lot from this build and will certainly help prepare myself for future dioramas.

SG GBWC 2013 entries

What! It has been 9 months without any updates?
Priority changes at the beginning of this year and thus modeling time dropped a few notches.
But that does not mean I am not modeling, just slow and …. slow haha.

Anyway, here’s an update of our SG GBWC entries taken while I passed by the event:
Note: No indication of open or junior category or name tag displayed, so I will not put in those in case I got it wrong 🙂
Apologies if I have missed some of the entries as no tag was displayed with the entry.


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