SD Zeong WIP update: 3

Work has been pouring onto me for the past few days. Just wanted to finish this Zeong fast and
get started with another project already. Over the weekends, managed to round up all the detailings and stuffs.

For the skirt area, I have gave it some panel linings and pla-platings so that it won’t look so plain.

Put in inner details for the shoulders and panel lines on the front

Separated the thrusters

The rest of the detailings/hollow space fillings. Previously I have mentioned that this SD has only two seamline areas to fix, well I lied, haha or rather I have overlooked.
The additional seamlines fixing:
– body and neck area
These seamlines are in the “not so obvious” area, so it’s up to you whether you want it fixed or not. As for me, I chose to do it so I don’t regret not fixing it later.

Next will be priming up all the parts for painting. Hopefully I can complete this guy before end of the month.


SD Zeong WIP update: 2

Most of the time, removing seamlines in the head area can be the most challenging as it involves separating the head’s internal for painting purposes. A lot of thinking has to be put into the cutting process to assess what will be the best approach (there can be many ways to do it, what I presented is my way 🙂 ).
As can be seen in the picture below, I have cleared all the pegs and connectors inside the head section. Both sides were also cut out and can be inserted back in later.

The “antennas” were previously separated. The head’s internal, after some trial fitting, the back has to be “shaved” a little bit so that it can be inserted back into the head without any obstructions. Note: be careful not to shave too much or else there will be a visible gap at the back of the head’s internal. Cut a little bit at a time and dry fitting it until it can go in smoothly.

A hole was drilled for the eye’s len (This placement is up to individual, but you have to look out for areas where you can drill passed the plastic). A placeholder was then fitted to accomodate the len (not shown, will be placed after completion). Next, we will see how the internal are being positioned back into the head. First, position and insert the internal’s back (rear side) in.

Normally one will need to test fit the internal positioning numerous times in order to get it right. You will find yourself spending more time to remove areas where they obstruct the placement i.e. sanding down any protruding areas. Once you got it right, the internal will able to be inserted and taken out easily without any obstructions.

The last step is to “reconstruct” the head connector area. Due to the head’s internal separation process, the connector will also needs to be aligned back. Again, there are many ways to do this, you can try whatever methods/approaches (based on the resources you have on hand), as long as it can get the job done. What I have presented is to use square tubes, drilled a hole a little bit smaller than the connector polycap, forced it in so that it’s tight. Of course you will still need to sand to make sure the tube can be fitted in nicely.

SD Zeong WIP update: 1

Minor updates to the wip. First off I tackle the hands. As can be seen in the picture below, the fingers were joined which kind of looks like webbing. I saw in between the fingers to make them look separated, sand to contour the shape. Drilled a more “circular” hole for each fingers so that I can insert the metal ring after painting.

Filled up the hollow space in the feet area with pla-plate and small kotobukiya nozzles. The “antennas” were then sharpened so that they look more presentable. Come to think of it, this SD Zeong has only 2 areas that need to clear the seamlines: hands and head. So it’s not a difficult kit to work with afterall 🙂 Next update will be the head area.

SD Zeong WIP update: 0

New year and its time for new project. I’m gonna take it easy for my 1st kit of the year haha. No crazy mods for this though..just normal holes filling, panel lining and minor enhancements. I had the chance to get hold of this SD Zeong few weeks back and I was very delighted as I longed to have it completed. I like Zeong design for it being unique in style and also it’s huge! After finishing my MG Perfect Zeong, I have left the SD and HG version…probably I will start the high mobility type wish is to complete all versions before I retired from modeling :). But for now, it’s cute SD Zeong.

My initial review: I thought the size of this SD would be larger than normal SD kits (like RX-78-2) but I was wrong. It is actually around the same size as any other SDs…a bit of disappoinment for me. The kit comes with the extra pair of legs to make it as Perfect that’s a bonus. Snap fitting this guy was easy and straight forward. After looking all over, the areas that I will put in the minor enhancements:
– metal rings in the fingers
– put in eye len
– cover empty space in the feet area
– head area needs a lot of cuttings/work for the internals to be separated for painting purposes
– both “antennas” to be sharpen
– some panel linings

So stay tune for next update.